Snow Day

Jan 7, 2017

We had our first real snow day today. The kids got super excited and we all loved watching it come down steadily, even if it did ruin our morning plans. 

We all bundled up in coats and scarves and hats and gloves and boots and two layers of pants and headed out into the snow. It wasn’t very deep, but there was enough for the kids to sled down some small hills and make snow angels on the basketball court at the park.

I almost stayed home to work on my quilt while Bryan took the kids out to play, but decided at the last minute to get ready and go out with them. Who knows if it’ll snow much more here this winter. I didn’t want to miss that peaceful quiet where all of nature gets muffled and everyone out in it is buzzing with excitement. I’m glad I went.

And later I still did get to work on my quilt while Bryan played with the kids and made cookies. It was a quiet sort of Saturday morning. The kind you don’t think you’ll remember years from now, but then you always do.

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