Things that are lies

Jan 6, 2017

  • I’ve eaten more vegetables than s’mores pop tarts this week
  • Clean white will never trump beige walls and oak front cabinets
  • The great thing about children is that they’re so quiet
  • Cottages in Jane Austen films have nothing on northern Virginia housing developments
  • I love having hairy legs
  • I far prefer to cook my own meals rather than have them prepared by someone (anyone) else
  • Now that I’m 14 weeks pregnant I’m only just starting to show! 

2 thoughts on “Things that are lies

  1. Ma says:

    I wish I was preparing a meal for you right now! (while you watch me cut the vegetables)
    I also have hairy legs, mostly because I usually do in winter, but also because we haven’t had hot water in three days. My ice bath today did not include a shave (but I did wash my hair. Cold water is an aspect of being a pioneer that did not occur to me until now).


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