Working for good things

Jan 30, 2017

Almost finished 20 little houses. Also put together a fun and simple little booklet to offer in both print and printable form. I’m excited and heartfelt and also pretty tired, so I’m gonna call it a night to get ready for tomorrow. 


Jan 29, 2017

On IG today, in discussing current events, someone basically said, “If you’re not angry, it’s because you don’t know enough.” It’s a sentiment I’ve seen a lot these past few weeks and I can understand where people are coming from when they say it, but I can’t say I agree.  Continue reading

Turns out I make a mean coloring sheet

Jan 23, 2017

So today I finally started trying to actually make things in Illustrator. I’m still only about a quarter of the way through my class, but I was itching to get going, so I just started messing around a little today. Also, I think the things I’m learning will stick better if I have a little experience and can go “Oh! I know what I’d use that for!” So there’s that. Continue reading